Nerissa Tutiven is a Latin American artist from Union, NJ / Jersey City, NJ, who creates dance choreography and traditional illustration. She focuses on describing the female form, light, and cultural origins, and brings her stories to light through her painted narratives. 

She has an affinity for nature, dance, playfulness, and tribal-futurism. Through her work, she illustrates what it's like to be awakened, free, and supported by divine feminine energy.

Past exhibits:  Art as Meditation, Curator: Andrea A. Mortis Vito A Lofts 2017, LITM 2012-2016, 313 Gallery 2016, 107 Bowers Gallery Curator: Kristin J. DeAngelis 2016, Barrow Mansion 2016 Curator: Maria Ross, JCAST 2016 Pacific Ave Building,  (JC Heights), The Tiny Green House, Downtown Jersey City. The Factory JC, "Nerieda's Odyssey" 2017, Art House Productions 2017, Jersey City, NJ