The Magician in Georgia.

Hello <3,

So I have been on a mini break from the East Coast, and have taken some time to come out to GA and spend some time with my good friend, and fellow art cultivator Jennifer Edouard.

My painting "The Magician, Stanger Lover Come Heal My Eyes" signifies the opening of the Anahata, Heart Chakra. I painted it after coming to a place of divine healing and realizing the beauty of dream healing. At this point in my life I came to realize the importance of heart energy, and how the heart- is what truly leads, not the head.

The peacock feathers over the ears represent listening to the true voice with in, and coming to a place of wholeness. The hands in the eyes represent letting go, and allowing the heart to lead.

This painting has been here in GA, as it traveled last October to come to the radical Seeds of Sound Music Festival, which began in its infancy last Fall. The painting was displayed as a performance backdrop piece, featured with many great local GA musicians and artists, including Dissisoma and Merry Prankster.

The painting will now be displayed at Atlanta based holistic healthcare space, "A Touch of Health" Atlanta. If you are local to Atlanta, I encourage you to come see it.

While I am here I am also helping Jennifer, and co-creator Anthony Prince and Tommy Uribe with creating the second Seeds of Sounds Music Festival, which will again take place on The Oasis Family Farm, here in Sparta, GA. It will be an amazing experience, packed with healing art and ground breaking musicians, not to be missed.

Stay tuned for up-dates.

Love + Light,