Madre de Mai

The painting “Madre de Mai”, the 8th painting in my series "Nerieda's Odyssey" sold this month at Art House Productions, Jersey City. I am very grateful for the support I recieve from Jersey City, and for my path as an artist.

Madre de Mai initiates the opening of the Muladhara. She represents earth, and stands tall as a beacon of widsom, and light. The figure is representational of myself, and all women as healers, and was modelled by colleague and good friend Ariel Guidry. Madre, is depicted here supported by her past, and present. This is also represntational of my path and discovery of orgins, and how by knowing our origins, we unlock the secrets to knowing our body and the make up of our physical constitution. Pictorially, the orbs coming up at her left side represent music, inspired by Ariel,  and the creative light that comes from my Caribbean background. The square markings on the right of the woman represent the countries of South America, and the support brought by them.

"Madre de Mai apoya esta serie, y simboliza la apertura del chakra de la raíz. Madre es la llegada de la faminidad y equilibrio primordial. América del Sur de levanta de su grava y el caribe se levanta en orbes. Ella as la tierra. Ella es apoyada por su pasado y su presente, y se mantiene fuerte como infiel de esperanza y luz." - Nerissa Tutiven, translation Wendelin De Regalo

Some Fullmoon Wisdom, from Mystic Mama. @mysticmamma

Sending you love and wisdom on this January Supermoon, 2018.  

“Both eclipse seasons invite us to discover our own unique heart skills which we can contribute to our collective culture. “Love is supposed to lead the way for all of us.

“Women are especially called to add our voices and imaginations to help heal our cultural wounds, while men are called to defend what is true, beautiful and good in the world. “Our world is so out of balance that it has to descend into chaos to get remade. “All honorable people want to re-make the world with a more balanced, life-giving energy, which gives equal value to the feminine gifts of imagination, emotional intelligence and compassion as well as the masculine gifts of clarity, reason and justice…

“We all deserve to be loved just for ourselves and so many of us weren’t loved in that way. “Who would we have become if we were allowed to follow our soul’s longings in life? “…Who would we be if we all felt, down in our bones, that we are worthy of love? Not because we have money or are smart or good at our jobs, but just because we are alive? “If we can think these kinds of thoughts, and open our hearts to our original blessings and hopes, what would we do? Who would we be? What would our world look like." - Mystic Mama