My Studio at The Dock, Downtown Jersey City

Hello Journey-ers and Art Lovers! 

It has been since 2014, that I started this body of work, and after my first healing show in January at The Factory JC, JC Heights my paintings have lain dormant as I was figuring out the next step.

While playing with the thoughts of Portland, Montreal, and of course my heart song San Fransisco, I have decided to stay in the home where it all started, and continue to develop my work.

I am happy to say my artwork is now at The Dock, 373 4th Street, Art Space in Downtown Jersey City, NJ. I am so excited to be in this amazing space creating, alongside other amazing artists. Right next to White Eagle Hall and JCTC, I am so grateful to be in this little art hub.

Please feel to come visit me when you are in the neighbourhood.

e-mail me for appointments, or if your just dropping by- I always answer my emails right away

I will up-dating all future progress here. 

<3 Namaste-